Better Branches Technology - Wall Display

Wall Display of Main Service Queue

Better Lobby Wall Display improves branch service by making it easy for waiting members to know their position in the service & sales queue. When used in busy branches, it helps support high levels of member service and improve staff efficiency.

wall display with queue line

In Retail Style Branches that also use the self check-in Kiosk, the Display provides the visitor with a visual confirmation of successful check-in as well as showing them their position in the queue.

The Branch Queue Display can be configured to identify those visitors that have appointments, so that “walk-in” visitors are not surprised when those with appointments are served before them. The Display is compatible with a variety of standard flat screen monitors and its appearance can be fine-tuned to meet your operational and branding requirements using it's easy-to-use administrative controls.

The Branch Queue Display is an optional addition to Better Lobby/Main Service Queue. To learn more about Better Lobby/Main Service Queue click here.