There are many striking findings in EPAM’s Consumer Banking Report 2021 that surveyed 4,500 consumers in 4 countries. They include:

  • Banking consumers in the U.S. specifically expect to visit their branch more than 40 times a year going forward
  • 40{91edff4ab0179c213d4d62ccb73735ad51d636906a6f58336791bd911b76df7b} of 18–24 year-olds used their physical branch at least monthly in the past year
  • Over one third are looking for a more personalized experience with their finances

With these results in mind, credit unions must strive to make each and every branch visit both productive and efficient for their members in 2022. Appointments can help by maximizing staff productivity, while providing a more streamlined and convenient branch service experience to both new and existing members. They also help address the personalization component mentioned above – appointments ensure that employees are well prepared for every visitor.

Key Takeaway: Your members still want face-to-face interactions even as they ramp up their use of your digital channels. Appointments will be table stakes in 2022 for CUs as branches continue to be in demand by members of all ages.