Kiosk for Self Check-In and Concierge

Better Lobby Kiosk delivers important features requested by credit unions while simplifying the check-in of walk-ins, appointments, and online Queueing visitors. Whether the visitor self-checks in or the Concierge staff does it on their behalf, the process is fast and intuitive. The Better Lobby Kiosk module is highly brandable and easily configured to meet your branch needs. It works in most modern browsers and can be used on an iPad, Surface Tablet, or a touchscreen-equipped PC.

Easy Check-in

Kiosk 5 has a highly intuitive workflow and ergonomic controls to make it easy for members of all ages and capabilities to use it.

Match your Brand

Match your brand easily. Kiosk 5's appearance can be changed to match your corporate brand using either pre-loaded off-the-shelf themes or by creating a custom theme that can be uploaded to Better Lobby.

Text me when I’m soon to be served

Text me when I’m soon to be served—this optional text feature advises visitors on their mobile phones when they are near the top of the service queue.

Wall Display Compatible

Wall Display Compatible—add our Branch Wall display to enhance the self-check-in experience further. Learn more about Wall Display.

Device Flexibility

suitable for fixed mounting on a pedestal using any of the compatible tablets, or as a concierge tool to check in visitors using a wireless device.

Encourages Branch Visits

Walk in and sign in—it’s that easy! Kiosk 5 allows visitors to engage in other branch-provided activities with the confidence that staff will know of their arrival and that they will be served in the appropriate order. Integrating the Kiosk and Better Lobby / New Accounts module is seamless.

Fast Appointment Check-in

Click, swipe, click, and your appointment visitor is checked in! Appointments created in the Better Lobby/Appointment Module will be recognized, and the staff member will be notified when the visitor completes the sign-in. Learn more about Branch Appointments.


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