As branches evolve and are repositioned into sales centers versus transaction centers, many FIs are moving to a ‘universal’ model for their branch staff. Research firm Novantas notes that with self-service and alternative technologies growing rapidly, many institutions are seeing as much as a 10{91edff4ab0179c213d4d62ccb73735ad51d636906a6f58336791bd911b76df7b} per-year reduction in branch transactions.

The teller line and the platform staff are merging and these universal bankers will have to be able to efficiently and knowledgeably walk visitors through products and services and help them with more complex issues. In addition to expanding the range of functions that these universal bankers perform and more adept at using even more technology, branch workers will have to become more flexible with scheduling. This is especially true as branch personnel work harder to fill the demand for longer and expanded branch hours. The Staff Availability feature of our Better Lobby/New Accounts module was developed with this trend in mind (read more about Workforce Management).

Key Take Away: As branches evolve and universal bankers become more common, workforce management software will be needed to ¬†closely assess staff utilization and productivity. In this environment, spreadsheets simply won’t work.