Before Workforce Management became a “hot” business phrase, our clients wanted to use Better Lobby to improve Staff Utilization and Availability.

It was many years ago, but I’ll never forget a branch manager telling me (as I struggled to get to the root of his need) “Rick, you don’t get it – I have some branch staff that arrive two minutes before the branch opens. If they haven’t started their computer, signed into the Host System and Better Lobby, THEY ARE NOT AVAILABLE TO SERVE BRANCH VISITORS. They may be at work, but they are not ready to serve!”

It was this understanding that caused us to develop the Staff Availability feature for Better Lobby/New Accounts module, and subsequently create a whole suite of reports that enable management to assess staff utilization and productivity. Our clients have confirmed it to be amongst the most valued features in Better Lobby. Click here for product information

Key Take Away – it’s worth the effort to measure hard-to-measure activities, especially when it relates to one of your largest variable costs: branch labor. Once measured, they are more readily managed.