A new study of more than 9,500 consumers by Market Force Information found that one-fifth of respondents said they went into a branch in the last 90 days to speak with a branch employee about new products and additional services. Those who did reported 5{91edff4ab0179c213d4d62ccb73735ad51d636906a6f58336791bd911b76df7b} higher satisfaction levels than those who didn’t, and they were 8{91edff4ab0179c213d4d62ccb73735ad51d636906a6f58336791bd911b76df7b} more likely to recommend their financial institution to others.

These numbers illustrate exactly why we developed our Mobile Appointment Booking Tool – so that your members can schedule an appointment at their convenience to come talk to your branch staff about new products and additional services.

Key Takeaway: You may be able to convince members to use your digital channels, but make sure that your brand doesn’t suffer. Provide them with the option to meet in person when they want to learn about your credit union’s other products and services, and/or when they need financial advice.