Over the years, telephone banking and ATMs were going to replace the branches, then online and mobile banking were pegged as “branch killers.” Members now have more banking options ever – especially when it comes to handling routine transactions and balance inquiries, yet survey after survey shows that consumers in all age groups still value branches.  

Dave Martin, a long time banking consultant (www.bankmechanics.com), rightfully points out that people “do not really want physical access to branches. They want physical access to bankers. Branches just happen to be where we keep them.” While mobile/online banking, bill pay and ATM networks offer tremendous convenience, they will never replace the personal assistance of a human being at a branch.

Key Takeaway: Not much shows that you value your members’ time more than allowing them to book appointments with your staff – this is truly service with a personal touch. We’ve made it easy and affordable to implement one-on-one appointments with your CU’s branch employees by using our Better Lobby Mobile Appointment Booking Tool.