According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, teller positions are expected to increase by just 1 percent in the next decade, or 7,300 jobs, which is “little or no change.” Meanwhile, they predict that the number of loan officers will increase by 14 percent. Transactions continue to migrate to mobile devices, online and ATMs, yet many consumers will still want a face to face meeting when purchasing financial products and services.

We must make sure that these “buyers’ have a good experience when coming into the branch. Some may want to select the best time to visit using their smartphones. That is where our Better Lobby Mobile and Web Wait Time feature comes into play. The Mobile and Web feature provides real-time “Visitors Waiting” and “Longest Wait” to your members via your credit union’s Website and iPhone compatible Mobile web pages. (Click here for more product info)

Key Takeaway: As the branch population of loan officers grows and the tellers’ ranks diminish, CUs must make it very easy for members to schedule meetings, especially via mobile devices.