Summit Credit Union is a large – $2.4 billion in assets and more than 153,000 members – and progressive credit union that is the second largest credit union in Wisconsin. Rebecca Gerothanas, SVP of Operations at Summit, states that electronic banking is gaining in popularity; there is no doubt about it,” but she quickly adds “people still want to have a branch nearby and come to our branches for a variety of financial needs.”

Their 34 branches remain busy opening new accounts, providing loans, and offering investment services and dispensing financial guidance. The last three activities are particularly well suited to appointment setting capabilities delivered by software such as our Mobile Appointment Booking Tool, while the first is optimized by software like our Better Lobby platform that supports both visitor self check-in or concierge staff check-in.

 Key TakeAway: Credit unions still rely on branches to add new members and deliver stellar support to existing members so credit unions must build software bridges between their branches and their digital channels in order to help keep their members happy.