Solarity Credit Union has transitioned its six traditional branches into teller-less consultative facilities featuring smart ATMs and video conferencing. The Yakima, WA-based credit union also uses remote video to serve members. Mina Worthington, President and CEO of Solarity, observes that “people would much rather meet with you via video than get in their car and have to drive to you and find parking, especially in metro areas.”

Even with a deep commitment to digital banking, Solarity Credit Union remains a firm believer in branches. “Consumers want everything,” says Worthington. “They want the ‘Amazon experience’ online; they want you to have physical facilities as well….”

Key Takeaway: This strategy of blending the digital with the physical is sometimes called “omnichannel.” Here at Better Branches Technology, we are at the forefront of providing leading edge software that supports credit union omnichannel visitor management strategies.