It is not surprising that credit union members continue to express high levels of satisfaction with their institutions; in fact, credit union member satisfaction levels remain among the highest of all industries measured by CFI Group, according to the company’s Credit Union Satisfaction Index 2015.

Another expected finding of the recent report is that online and mobile banking has more influence on satisfaction than any other aspect of the credit union relationship. However, what many people may find surprising is that the importance of branch locations remains steadfastly strong: Only 11{91edff4ab0179c213d4d62ccb73735ad51d636906a6f58336791bd911b76df7b} of those surveyed indicate they consider branch locations to be of little or no importance.

Key Takeaway: Consumers love the convenience of both physical branches and digital channels and the one of the best ways to marry these two popular channels is via online and mobile branch appointment setting applications like our Mobile Appointment Booking Tool.