What if your members could see at a glance what the nearest branch lobby wait times were (or any of your branches for that matter)? Now that is the height of convenience! Our goal with our latest Better Lobby solution called Mobile and Web Wait-Time Indicator was to allow your members to simply follow a link from your website to a mobile-sized page that is suitable for their iPhone or similar mobile device that gives them real-time access to your branch lobby status.

Not only is this Wait-time Indicator quick and easy for members to use (no apps to download), but credit unions will be able to proudly add it to their mobile banking offerings alongside mobile RDC, ATM locaters, etc. – it is a great “high tech, high touch” addition!

Full details are available here: https://www.betterbranches.com/Mobile-Wait-Indicator.php

Key Takeaway: All things mobile are hot right now and are predicted to remain that way for years to come. Being able to view lobby wait times in real-time is sure to be valued by both busy members and branch operations staff.