Better Branches Technology - Mobile Booking Tool

Mobile Appointment Booking Tool

One-on-one appointments with CU staff can easily be scheduled online using the Better Lobby Mobile Appointment Booking Tool and any recently released mobile device, tablet or computer. Viewed in a web browser, the Appointment Scheduler's page content automatically adjusts to the screen size of the device being used. Appointments scheduled using the Booking Tool are recorded in Better Lobby Appointment Calendar and are visible to all Better Lobby staff users. Data can easily be configured to flow seamlessly into the user's Outlook Calendar.

mobile booking tool on computer

This Digital Appointment Booking Tool positively impacts branch sales, member service quality, branch traffic flow and overall staffing cost. Specifically:

Sales Results – the Appointment Scheduler helps increase branch sales success by reminding visitors to bring the information necessary to the meeting, while providing staff the opportunity to prepare for the meeting in advance. Follow-up meetings are made easier to arrange as staff can be identified by name and picture on the Booking Tool.

Branch Traffic Flow Optimization – Branch Appointments help to move peak walk-in traffic to non-peak appointment times and provide a welcomed alternative for members who are facing a long wait for service. (i.e. “we are very busy right now, but I could book you an appointment for 3:30 PM today”)

Staffing Cost is reduced when peak traffic is reduced, members bring required documents to the meeting and staff have opportunity to prepare for the meeting in advance of the member's arrival. 

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