In today’s digital age, credit unions are uniquely positioned to enhance member engagement and satisfaction through video meetings. The Better Lobby Flexible Branch Video Module offers an innovative solution, allowing members to connect with credit union staff from anywhere. This capability is not just a convenience; it’s a game-changer in personalized banking services. Let’s explore how credit unions can fully leverage this technology to maximize its benefits, ensuring the link for video appointments is highly visible, effectively communicating the availability of video meetings, and maintaining sufficient staff for on-demand and scheduled video interactions.

An image of two people conducting a video call using Better Lobby flexible branch video meeting module. This module allows members to talk to credit union staff. This can be done with a video appointment and the credit union has other video options to meet with members.

1. Prominently Display the Video Meeting Link

Ensuring that the link for members to book video appointments is highly visible is key. Place this link strategically on the main menu or the homepage of your website where it is easily accessible. This reduces friction and makes it effortless for members to schedule appointments, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction.



2. Inform Members About Video Meeting Options

Communication is critical. Make it a point to inform members about the availability of video meetings while they are in the branch. This can be achieved through digital signage, brochures, or by training staff to notify members during regular interactions. Highlighting this option caters to those who prefer digital interactions and enhances convenience.



3. Staff Availability for On-Demand and Scheduled Video Meetings

It is essential to ensure that there are dedicated staff available to handle both on-demand and scheduled video meetings. This means having trained personnel ready to connect with members at designated times, which helps in managing member expectations and delivering a seamless service experience.

Credit Unions who utilize the video on-demand option and create an amazing member experience have staff dedicated to monitoring the on-demand virtual lobby. Branches that have low face-to-face traffic are ideal to monitor the virtual lobby, turning a low-traffic branch into a high-traffic virtual branch.


4. Utilize Helpful Information Related to this Appointment Topic

Setting up helpful information related to the appointment topic helps members when they book the appointment and lets them know how they should be prepared for the video appointment. It gives both staff and members a clear understanding of what will be discussed, which helps in keeping the meeting concise and focused. You could also include information about the process (loan application, mortgage application, opening a new account, etc), this can be simple bullet points or a detailed plan, depending on the complexity of the topics to be covered.


A screenshot of Better Lobby software platform that shows how credit union members enter the topic and service they would like to meet with the credit union about. Credit union members can also book video appointments using this page of the video module.

5. Follow-Up Communications

After a video meeting, sending a follow-up email can make a big difference. This email should thank the member for their time, summarize the discussion points, and outline the next steps. This not only reinforces the credit union’s commitment to member service but also ensures that both parties are on the same page moving forward.

Key Takeaways

Embracing video meetings is more than just adopting new technology; it’s about transforming the member experience. By making video meeting links easily accessible, informing members proactively about their meeting options, and ensuring staff availability, credit unions can provide a seamless and enriched service experience. This approach not only meets the evolving expectations of members but also sets the stage for deeper engagement and loyalty. As we continue to navigate a digital-first world, the integration of such technologies will be crucial in keeping credit unions at the forefront of customer-centric innovation.

An image of a credit union member meeting with a credit union over video meeting. Better Branches flexible branch video can enable credit unions to have video meetings with members and visitors.