Better Branches Technology - Management

Better Branches Management

The following individuals provide direction of Better Branches Technology.

Rick Poulton, President
Rick Poulton is a co-founder of Better Branches Technology and has provided the overall direction for Better Branches since its inception in 2003. He has 30 years of experience leading change in marketing & sales, operations, information technology and general management positions.

rick poulton

Grant Parry, Chief Technology Officer
Grant Parry is a co-founder of Better Branches Technology. As the Chief Technology Officer, Grant provides strategic technical direction to Better Branches. Grant is also the founder of Connect and a former Director of Technology for Summit Information Systems.

grant parry

Jon Eagar, Vice President Operations
Jon Eagar has been involved with Better Branches Technology since 2005. During that period he has contributed significantly to the design, engineering and development of several of our applications including our flagship solution, Better Lobby.

john eagar