Better Branches Technology - Main Service Queue Overview

Main Service Queue - Introduction

By easily and efficiently queuing incoming branch visitors and notifying staff of their arrival, Better Lobby Main Service Queue module contributes to outstanding member service, helps builds visitor trust, and captures a variety of metrics that are important to management.

screen shot of Better Branches

The Main Service Queue is the base module of the Better Lobby Solution. It integrates with other existing systems in your organization (i.e. Email, Text, Core, etc.) to further enhance its usefulness and help your organization improve sales and member service, while lowering overall cost-of-service.

The advantages of using Better Lobby extend well beyond the first point of contact with your member.

They include:

  • Speed up service for waiting visitors
  • Improve staff performance
  • Encourage referrals and cross-selling
  • Increase management’s "span of control"
  • Easy to use and affordable

With an emphasis on data security, Better Lobby is locally installed application in your data center and confidential data is kept encrypted at rest and in transit. It is a browser-based application that operates in either I.E. or Chrome.