Better Branches Technology - Main Service Queue Features

Main Service Queue - Features

Better Lobby Main Service Queue Module is used to queue branch visitors for service and is the base application to which other modules may be added.

Shown below are some of the features available in the Main Service Queue Module:

screen shot of Better Lobby

Queuing and Notification

  • Queues visitors waiting for non-teller service
  • Kiosk capability for unmanned sign-in (PC, iPad, Surface tablet)
  • Visitor Name, Wait time, Service requested, appointments and special notes displayed in queue
  • Staff notification of new visitor and long waits
  • Skill-based queues (i.e. Mortgage Officers and investment specialists)
  • Host information displayed to staff (for identity checking, etc.)
  • Debit Card can be used for sign-in (unmanned kiosk or by staff at reception)

Real-time Management and Supervision

  • Staff availability displayed; productivity and utilization reported
  • Real-time view of multiple branch activity from any location on your LAN, including a list of who is available to serve members, right now

employee performance graph

Management Reporting

  • Reports on wait time, service time, employee activity, employee utilization, time of day activities, current status
  • Assembles Staff Utilization reports that shows the productivity of each MSR - great for optimizing staff scheduling
  • Real-time Report data can be exported to Excel, HTLM, PDF and other file formats
  • Custom Reports available

Cross-selling and Referrals

  • Cross-sell activity input and tracking with conclusion notes and reporting by branch, employee and date
  • Cross-sell reporting by employee that calculates "close rate"
  • In-branch Referral input and tracking with conclusion notes and reporting by branch, employee and date

New Account Platform Measurement

  • Wait time standard may be branch specific
  • Services may be Branch specific


  • Browser based, MS DOT Net technology
  • Windows integrated sign-in enabled