Gallup polls show that half of Americans feel that they are pressed for time in their daily lives. For credit unions looking to deliver stellar service, this fact of life brings up four big questions:

  1. How long will members wait for service and remain “happy”?
  2. Does waiting time erode “consulting” time, because the member becomes anxious to leave?
  3. Are you adequately staffed for traffic surges?
  4. How to do you make the most of the limited time spent with a member?

At Better Branches Technology, we know from experience that platform staff performance improves if Platform Staff know the member’s identity and the purpose of their visit prior to starting their interaction with the member.  Knowing this, the MSR can prepare for the meeting – review the account, assemble product collateral and generally “get focused”.

Key Takeaway: Lobby Management applications with member check-in kiosks can improve platform performance by immediately capturing visitor identity and visit purpose. The additional information will pay big dividends in new sales and member satisfaction.