The big British banks are now following their trend-setting American counterparts with news that Lloyds Bank has rolled out an online system that lets customers book branch appointments in real-time. News reports  state that this is a first in the United Kingdom.

In action, customers can pick a branch and appointment time – from the following day to up to three weeks in the future – online or through their mobile phone. The service is also configured to send users SMS and/or email reminders of their appointment.

In a press release, Adrian Bryant, digital director, Lloyds Bank, stated: “The new online appointment booking system will give customers convenient access to our branches. There are some things that some people just prefer to do face to face. So we’re using technology to improve that process for everyone while recognizing people’s varying needs.”

Key Takeaway: Online appointment booking is fast becoming a reality in the US in most areas of our society and is spreading around the world. That is because by empowering consumer appointments through websites and mobile devices, organizations of all sizes dramatically improve the consumer experience, loyalty and revenue opportunities.