In a recent article in Forbes, a CUNA Mutual Group executive stated that a retail branch model that focuses on in-person advice and service is the branch’s most promising future. He states “fully 78{91edff4ab0179c213d4d62ccb73735ad51d636906a6f58336791bd911b76df7b} of retail bank customers want guidance from their banks, according to a JD Power study. And the most effective way to deliver that guidance is still face-to-face.”

We would add that the best way to deliver this advice is by appointment. If branches are the ideal place for complex conversations to take place, then the best way to make sure that the right person is available to handle these important lengthy consultations is to have an appointment booked on their schedule.

Key Takeaway: Our Mobile Appointment Booking Tool gives your staff the opportunity to thoroughly prepare for their meetings in advance, and also increases branch sales success by reminding members to bring the information necessary to the meeting.