Over the years, many new banking channels have come on the scene: ATMs, Telephone Banking, Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Video Banking and more. After every advancement, some pundits have always predicted that the latest innovation will replace branches. However, the reality is that new channels have never replaced old channels – they merely add another layer of convenience for the member.

It is safe to assume that this multi-channel reality will remain post-pandemic. Banking consultant Dave Martin sums it up nicely: “I believe that customers of well-run financial institutions are going to come out of this period with newfound appreciation for digital and remote channels, while also becoming more grateful for the physical presence of branches and bankers.”

Key Takeaway: Digital channel usage is currently accelerating, but branches remain relevant. At Better Branches Technology, we are committed to helping connect all channels so that CUs can continue to deliver great service, however members choose to interact with them.