While the Internet remains America’s most popular banking method, mobile banking has steadily gained momentum and is now preferred by 10 percent of consumers – up from 8 percent in 2013 – according to a recent survey by the ABA. This is certainly understandable considering the popularity of mobile banking, especially among younger consumers accustomed to doing everything on their mobile devices.

Yet upon closer examination of the survey, which was conducted ABA by Ipsos Public Affairs which is an independent market research firm, it is obvious that branches remain relevant and popular. In fact, the second most popular way to bank – visiting a branch – actually increased to 21 percent in 2014 over 18 percent in last year’s study. The report concludes that “when people are conducting a complex transaction like opening an account or applying for a home or business loan, they often prefer to do it in person.  We’re seeing a branch renaissance in some areas, with many institutions transforming their branches to become more efficient and customer-friendly.”

Key Takeaway: When it comes to being “more efficient and customer-friendly,” it is hard to beat online and mobile appointment setting capabilities to connect Mobile users to branch staff. Our Better Lobby Mobile Appointment Booking Tool increases efficiency by allowing staff to prepare for the member meeting in advance, and the Booking Tool can be used day or night, seven days a week, enabling members to arrange branch appointments when it is most convenient for them.