Better Branches Technology - Video Meeting Queues

Video Meeting & Document Signing

Flexible Branches module extends Better Lobby Visitor Management system to include video meetings with members from their desktop, tablet, laptop or phone. Both appointments and unscheduled meetings are supported - and employees can work from home if needed.

With the addition of a document solution such as DocuSign, most branch activities can be completed in a Flexible Branches Video meeting. If requested, we can direct the video meeting from Better Lobby to a third-party banking application while continuing to use Better Lobby to manage the visit.

visitor meeting

Video Meeting capability No apps to download! A secure, encrypted video meeting is initiated between member and staff with a single click in Better Lobby.

flexible video meeting diagram

Virtual Visitor Service Queues The enhanced Service Queue extends the conventional Better Lobby Branch Service Queue beyond the physical branch so that video visitors waiting in the virtual lobby can be seen and served by expert staff at any Better Lobby equipped location.

The Flexible Branches module enables members inside or outside a branch to receive video service from branch staff. CU staff can be working remotely (i.e. home) or at a branch different from the visitor. Members have the option of connecting remotely through the CU’s website or using in-branch video.