A recent CU Journal article noted that many credit unions are deploying adaptive email marketing automation campaigns that are increasing new balances, spiking auto loan applications and converting anonymous website visitors to being “known.”

In a similar vein, one of our clients recently came to us and asked if we could help them obtain accurate and timely responses from their members when their branch visit was fresh in their minds. In response, we developed the Survey Trigger. This module, which works in conjunction with third party survey software, can be configured to send a text or email survey to a member when their memory of visit is fresh, e.g., 15 minutes to 1 hour after their branch visit.

Key Takeaway: At the conclusion of the branch visit, Better Lobby Survey Trigger Module reminds staff to invite members to be surveyed, records their responses and sends the “yes, I want to be surveyed” responses to your survey software provider together with the required member information. We believe that this “Voice of the Member” tool would be a good addition to our client’s marketing tool kits.