Elevating Member Satisfaction: How Better Lobby Empowers Credit Unions

A photo of four people celebrating in a credit union. Success stories from credit unions of their use of Better Lobby, lobby management software platform.

In today’s competitive financial landscape, credit unions face the ongoing challenge of not only attracting new members but also ensuring the satisfaction and loyalty of existing ones. As institutions built on the principles of community and member-centricity, credit unions have a unique opportunity to leverage innovative solutions like Better Lobby to enhance the member experience […]

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Exploring the Boundaries of Digital Banking: Addressing Limitations and Expanding Solutions for Credit Unions

Computer illustrated Image of someone using a cell phone to access online services and digital banking.

In the ever-evolving landscape of banking, the transition to digital platforms has been nothing short of transformative. From convenient mobile applications to seamless online transactions, the advent of digital banking has undoubtedly revolutionized the way consumers manage their finances. However, amidst this technological advancement, it’s imperative to acknowledge the inherent limitations that digital banking presents, […]

Redefining Member Engagement: Banking Should be Personal

Photo of people meeting in a credit union. The people are shaking hands after a successful meeting with credit union staff helping their members with services. Better Lobby platform helps credit unions with member satisfaction.

In the realm of financial services, the personal touch remains a cornerstone of the member experience. As Garret Reich, Editorial Associate with The Financial Brand, aptly articulates, “Few topics are as intimate, intimidating, and important to people as money.” This sentiment underscores the enduring appeal of face-to-face interactions within credit union branches. In an era […]

Revolutionizing Credit Union Branches: Post-COVID Branch Technology Trends

An image of a US 100 dollar bill that has been altered with a face mask, symbolizing the covid-19 pandemic and how financial institutions adapted to the pandemic.

In a recent insightful piece featured in the Financial Brand, James Caliendo, CEO at PWCampbell, emphasized the critical role of embracing fresh branch technology approaches for the future prosperity of financial institutions (FIs) post-pandemic. Caliendo advocated for the expansion of branch technology offerings to include innovative tools such as interactive kiosks, iPad integration, digital marketing […]

Revolutionizing Member Service: The Rise of Video-Only Branches in Credit Unions

A photo of two people having a video meeting on a computer. Better Branches offers a video meeting module called Flexible Branches Video, allowing Credit Unions to talk to their members.

In a groundbreaking move that signals a paradigm shift in member engagement, BCU, under the leadership of Chief Retail Officer Carey Price and Chief Information Officer Jeff Johnson, is set to introduce video-only branches. In a recent CUBroadcast interview, Price and Johnson delved into the rationale behind this innovative approach, shedding light on its mechanics, […]

Top 10 Banking Trends for 2016

U.S. News and World Report has published a list of the Top 10 Banking Trends for 2016 and we directly address three of their predictions with our solutions: 1) The digital and branch experience will merge. We connect the digital experience to the branch experience via our Mobile Appointment Booking Tool. 2) Branches will start to go […]

The Evolution of Banking Roles: Embracing the Universal Banker Model

In the ever-evolving landscape of banking, institutions are constantly seeking ways to optimize efficiency, enhance customer experience, and adapt to changing consumer demands. One significant trend that has emerged in recent years is the rise of the universal banker. This hybrid role, combining the responsibilities of both tellers and platform staff, has garnered attention for […]

Enhancing Customer Experience: The Evolution of Contact Centers in Credit Unions

A photo of a contact call center where a woman is talking to a credit union member, helping them and increasing member satisfaction.

In the realm of credit unions, the role of contact centers has transcended beyond merely handling calls and resolving issues efficiently. Today, the focus is squarely on optimizing the customer experience, bridging the gap between physical branches and digital channels. This transformation entails the integration of new technologies and channels, aimed at creating a seamless […]

Ensuring the Future of Bank Branches: Balancing Trust and Accessibility

Computer illustrated Image of someone using a cell phone to access online services and digital banking.

Despite the rise of digital banking solutions, a recent survey conducted by Glory Global Solutions reveals that the majority of US consumers still value the presence of physical bank branches. This sentiment underscores the enduring importance of in-person interactions in the banking industry. However, consumers are increasingly demanding greater convenience and personalized service from their […]

Balancing Tradition and Technology: The Continuing Relevance of Credit Union Branch Locations

A digital image of a person in a network looking at a location marker that symbolizes the locations of credit union branches.

Despite the rapid advancement of technology in the banking sector, credit union members continue to express high levels of satisfaction with their institutions. According to the Credit Union Satisfaction Index 2015 by CFI Group, credit unions consistently rank among the highest in terms of customer satisfaction. While online and mobile banking have become increasingly influential […]

Transforming Branch Experiences: The Power of Video in Credit Unions

Photo and digital image of Credit Union Personalized Services. Financial institutions must adapt to the future the image symbolizes the future that credit unions can adapt to and how better lobby and better branches technology can help.

The financial industry has witnessed significant transformations over the years, with technological advancements reshaping the way financial institutions interact with their clients and members. One notable trend that has emerged is the integration of video technology within branch operations. In this article, we explore the various uses of video in credit union branches, highlighting its […]