During a brainstorming session of financial professionals at a recent BAI conference led by Jim Eckenrode, managing director for Deloitte’s Center for Financial Services attendees came up with the following ideas on how to make branch banking more appealing to consumers who are seeking assistance with their important financial matters:

  • making appointments online for branch visits
  • increased use of biometrics
  • smaller branch buildings
  • more highly trained staff

One session participant noted that “we also know that in those moments of truth, somebody who may be very tech savvy may not be savvy in the way of financial affairs. In those moments of truth, where most customers want a human interaction, branches are the ideal places for that.”

Key Takeaway: The vast majority of your members want to make major financial decisions with the assistance of one of your employees at one of your branches. Appointments help make meetings successful by reminding members to bring the information necessary to the meeting, while simultaneously providing your staff the opportunity to thoroughly prepare for the meeting in advance.